If You Can’t Smile, Don’t Work in Retail

Is it so hard to ‘serve with a smile’?  I’m a huge fan of ‘buy local’ and nothing makes me happier than seeing a local business thrive BUT I do wonder sometimes just why certain types of people venture in to retail at all!

So here’s my 5 top tips for retailers…

  • Keep your door open – (weather permitting) it’s saying ‘come in – we’re open for business’
  • Put the lights on – I can’t believe I’m typing that but yes I’ve been passed several shops thinking they’re closed but no, they’re cost saving
  • Let me browse, but a little “hello, just shout if you need me” is a nice to have – chatting to your work pal and blanking the customer is just rude
  • Don’t smoke outside your premises (really I’m typing that) but nothing puts you off more than seeing staff standing outside their workplace puffing on a fag
  • Smile as you serve, say thank you it’s not that hard surely