Superhero Dom

I remember meeting Dom Hodgson ‘aka’ Pack Leader Dog Adventures 5 years ago at a Sunderland Business Network meeting.  Dom had just launched  his ‘Dog Adventure’ business and being a canine lover I was ‘all ears’ to hear about his new venture.

2 months later there I was, well Mr Rossi to be precise, as one of Dom’s first customers. Now Mr Rossi doesn’t speak ‘hooman’ but his body language tells me everytime he returns from his adventures or holiday stays with PLDA that he has had the best time with his fellow canine pals.

Fast forward 5 years and Dom is about to launch his first book – ‘How to be your dog’s Superhero’.  I was delighted to be able to read a draft copy before it was sent to print and I have to say it’s one of the best dog training books I’ve read and it’s written in typical Dom style, ‘telling it how it is’ – no BS basically.

Anyhow, I’m so proud to know this guy and I really wish him, the book and the business all the luck in the world :)