When a KIT Call Works…

KIT  or ‘keep in touch’ should form a huge part of your CRM ‘customer relationship management’ system.

I’m on site with one of my clients every week.  My job is to keep on top of their marketing but more importantly their CRM and sales funnel.

Some of their projects can have great turnaround times, often 6 to 12 months after submitting a proposal. So it’s my job to ‘KIT’ with these prospects and make sure they stay with this particular clients name at the forefront of their minds and never go cold, after all we’re normally pitched against at least 3 other companies.

Just last month I had a call from a company I’d remained in touch with.  He called on the day I was in the office and said

“Heather, great news, I’ve got the green light to place the order.  I knew on Friday we had the go ahead however I wanted to wait and tell you personally.” 

To say I was happy is an understatement.  Being a sales person you get that buzz when a deal comes off, my client was happy to receive a nice £30k order but most importantly it proved that the ‘KIT’ system works.

If you want to have a chat to see how CRM and KIT systems can work for your business, give me a call :)

Pack Leader Dog Adventures

We love the new online store from Pack Leader Dog Adventures.

Mr Rossi our office dog loves going out with Dom and the rest of the pack on dog adventures so when the new online store was launched Rossi was all “I want, want, want”!

With my marketing head and a dog lover it’s got great content, brilliant web design, is really user friendly and obviously has great treats for my little fella.

If you have a dog or love dogs you will love the new store go visit it by clicking here


If You Can’t Smile, Don’t Work in Retail

Is it so hard to ‘serve with a smile’?  I’m a huge fan of ‘buy local’ and nothing makes me happier than seeing a local business thrive BUT I do wonder sometimes just why certain types of people venture in to retail at all!

So here’s my 5 top tips for retailers…

  • Keep your door open – (weather permitting) it’s saying ‘come in – we’re open for business’
  • Put the lights on – I can’t believe I’m typing that but yes I’ve been passed several shops thinking they’re closed but no, they’re cost saving
  • Let me browse, but a little “hello, just shout if you need me” is a nice to have – chatting to your work pal and blanking the customer is just rude
  • Don’t smoke outside your premises (really I’m typing that) but nothing puts you off more than seeing staff standing outside their workplace puffing on a fag
  • Smile as you serve, say thank you it’s not that hard surely