Well Done…

My Monday morning was spent sat in a local car dealership waiting for my car to have it’s annual service.  Taking advantage of the free wifi I set upon doing some work in the nice comfy waiting area.

As a sales consultant I love listening and watching other people ‘sell’ and today was no exception.  One of the sales guys was on the ball for a Monday and with the landlines being down in the dealership showed initiative and started to do his follow up calls from his own mobile.

25 minutes later and what I could hear lots of objections overcome, explanation of each option PCP or HP  he clinched the deal.  I was really chuffed for him and his boss came over in the closing moments to hear him too and sat eagerly waiting for him to hang up.  But what happened next astonished me…I wasn’t expecting a hive 5 or fist pump but a mere “well done” would have been good, but nothing.  The ‘boss man’ simply took the name and deal and went off and it left me and more than likely the sales guy deflated :(

Both disappeared in opposite directions and as the service manager arrived back with my keys and I told him to tell the sales consultant “well done” from me.  I hope he got the message and it motivates him to do another deal today, not like his figure hungry/KPI driven boss who didn’t seem the slightest bit interested at all.